following the success of the previous year’s event, okay studio and friends were commission for a second time to design the table centrepieces for the brit insurance awards.

this time round the brief title of “off-cut monsters” produced some strange and fantastical beasts!

once considered as the unwanted waste from material that went on to be used in successful and experimental designs, these offcut monsters grew from the depths of the workshop and studio bins for one star studded night only.

porky pine swine, like a frankenstein’s monster, grew from discarded scraps of previous experimentations with acrylic and lighting projects. this porcupine of the off-cut world is a defensive little character, displaying his brightly coloured spines at the first sign of danger. however this seems to have been ineffective against a certain design predator…porky was kidnapped that very night along with some of his pals (they are rare and collectable beasts after all!). the poachers are still at large...

For more images of the off-cut monsters, check them out at the design museum website.